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Stephen King the Musicals!

By Talaura Harms

Published on

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By now we've all heard that "Misery" is being adapted for the Broadway stage. Is it a musical? No. Should it be? Yes. By all means, yes.

All Stephen King novels should be musicals. We have a few song titles ready to go, so if any composers or Stephen Kings want to get to work, let us know.

Christine the Musical!

"The Finest Smell in the World" "Twisted Every Way" "Love Has a Voracious Appetite" "Hey, Grill, Hey" "When I Look Into Your Headlights" "Look Out, That Car’s Possessed!"

"Sing, my angel!"

It the Musical!

"The Loser Club, Membership Full" "Oh What a Circus" "That Time My Brother Died" "I’m Every Nightmare You’ve Ever Had. Except for That One Where Your Teeth Fall Out" "The Last Laugh is Evil" "Look Out, That Clown’s Possessed!"


Children of the Corn the Musical!

"Outlander! Outlander! We Have Your Woman!" "Folks in Gatlin Got Religion, But They Ain’t Got No Phones" "It’s Not the End of the World...Yet" "Nobody Really Knows He Who Walks Behind The Rows, A Lament" "Look Out, That Kid’s Possessed!"

One, Two, Three, Kick. One, Two, Three, Kill

Pet Sematary the Musical!

"Don’t Mess with the Micmac" "If It Was Just a Dream, Why are There Pine Needles in My Bed?" "That Time My Sister Died/Memory" "Look Out, That Cat’s Possessed!" "Look Out, So’s That Kid!"


Salem’s Lot the Musical!

"I’m Dying to Get Out of This Town" "Damned for All Time" "Don’t Open the Window!" "Oh, Dem Smolderin’ Bones!" "Look Out, That Kid’s Possessed, Too!"

Find your, don’t.

Firestarter the Musical!

"P-Y-R-O-K-I-N-E-S-I-S" "With One Look" "Is It Hot in Here or Are My Arms on Fire?" "No, Seriously, All These Kids Are Possessed!"

“Never work with kids or animals.”

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