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Seven Little Prayers for An Act of God On Broadway

By Talaura Harms Published on

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God is great, God is good. Let us thank Him for coming to Broadway! Here are seven little prayer requests for An Act of God.

1. Heavenly Father, please no smiting the audience. Not even that guy in the third row with a cough.

2. Have mercy on us! Send angels! But maybe less dying in this show…

3. Please, God, can we maybe see a little Broadway song and dance like Jesus does for us?

4. Our Father who art in Heaven, can our sippy cups of wine count as communion?

5. Why, God? Whyyyyyyyyy?

6. Dear God, a Bazinga! Or at least a nod from the Creator to the Big Bang Theory.

7. Oh God, please make us laugh, because sometimes it gets a little rough down here.


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